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15 1,146 This or That: Mixtape
by niddlyby43
May 30, 2019 13:55:58 GMT -6
No New Posts The AP caption game!

Each week a new image will be displayed. Everyone then will be able to post an AP caption for that photo. Then a poll will be made with all the caption entries and everyone can vote for their favorite. Winner of the poll gets to choose the next image!

3 10 Weekly cAPtion Contest - 2/08/19
by chronoeclipse
Feb 8, 2019 14:25:05 GMT -6
No New Posts Let's Age Series 1

4 17 Let's Age Poll 3
by JackpotMans
Mar 26, 2018 17:52:07 GMT -6
No New Posts First to 20 AP Game

Game run by rayc5678. Vote for a character and potentially write up an AP description! (Note: You must be a member in order to participate)


  • Each person votes for one character per post (each person can -vote after 2 hours of their last post, though no double posting (posting and voting within the 2 hours).

  • Once a character gets 20 votes, they will be placed on the rank list (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc).

  • The person who does the 20th vote for a character gets to write their own AP description for that character.

  • Each round lasts until there are 4-5 characters with 20 votes each.

  • The person who gets the 20th vote for the 4th or 5th place character can make a new list of characters.

  • Only characters that haven't been AP in their respective universes can be used for this game.

  • Lists must be new from the last two lists (ex. If Jean Grey was in the list, she can't be used for the next 2 rounds).

  • Lists must have between 10 and 15 characters.

  • Characters from winning (ranking) lists can't be used for at least 8 rounds (subject to change).

Moderator: rayc5678

7 477 First to 20 AP Game (Supernatural/Fantasy)
by tej2506
Jun 16, 2019 1:10:23 GMT -6
No New Posts AP/AR Game

2 38 AP/AR Game 2019
by tej2506
Apr 16, 2019 10:41:59 GMT -6
No New Posts Story Contests

2 11 Fall 2017 AR/AP Game
by timewarpee
Oct 19, 2017 16:27:49 GMT -6


kappa: Hell, they pop up randomly ever so often on gay groups I follow on Facebook. They're always super cute and sweet. ❤️ May 22, 2019 19:13:00 GMT -6 *
anonguy: Link? May 22, 2019 21:36:51 GMT -6
anonguy: Oh, nevermind. May 22, 2019 21:37:02 GMT -6
kappa: No, No, if I wasn't clear, ask a question, Anonguy. May 22, 2019 22:35:16 GMT -6
kappa: "What do you mean by link?" May 22, 2019 22:35:34 GMT -6
kappa: I am gonna link ap lgbt comics to the site in a thread for pride month. May 22, 2019 22:36:09 GMT -6 *
kappa: Or did you mean this? May 22, 2019 22:55:54 GMT -6 *
kappa: To which I mean, do you mean to say "what did you link?" 🤣 May 22, 2019 22:56:59 GMT -6
kappa: Muffin Top Mondays, Turkey Neck Tuesdays, Wrinkled Prune Wednesdays, Thunder Thigh Thursdays, False Teeth Fridays, Silver Haired Saturdays, Senior Center Sundays. May 26, 2019 12:23:07 GMT -6
kappa: If they ever make a Golden Girls Remake, Jessica Walter and Holland Taylor should Star. Oh, and I'd really like to see an episode where Taylor's Girlfriend, Sarah Paulson, shows up for a one night stand. May 28, 2019 14:07:02 GMT -6 *
kappa: And her roommates are all like "You're gay?" And she could be like "No, but I'm not blind either!" Or something sassy like that 🤣 May 28, 2019 14:07:38 GMT -6
anonguy: I hate it when this place up and dies. Jun 5, 2019 8:29:14 GMT -6
tej2506: How about we revive the first to 20 AP game? Or the AP/AR Game? Jun 6, 2019 12:52:17 GMT -6
rayc5678: Sorry about not being active guys, I started up a new job last month and I'm adjusting to the work schedule. Plus, my muse to write has been pretty low. However. if you guys want to continue the First to 20 AP game, go right on ahead. Jun 8, 2019 4:03:04 GMT -6
rayc5678: I decided to post in the First to 20 AP game (in all of the current threads). Hopefully others will post and this forum can become more active again. For the new members that want to participate, feel free to do so. Make sure to read the rules, and if.... Jun 9, 2019 3:29:57 GMT -6
rayc5678: you have any questions, shoot me a PM and I'll answer them. Jun 9, 2019 3:30:22 GMT -6
anonguy: Aaaaan this place is dead again. Jun 12, 2019 15:07:52 GMT -6
kappa: To anybody looking for a partner to RP with, the changing mirror has a thread dedicated for that Jun 16, 2019 10:31:40 GMT -6 *
kappa: Jun 16, 2019 10:31:48 GMT -6
rayc5678: Well now, it seems that I have someone that wants me to write an OA story for them. Jun 18, 2019 23:14:59 GMT -6