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tej2506: Hmmmm...next time I find myself with some time on my hands, I'll give it a crack. Mar 17, 2019 5:44:14 GMT -6
chronoeclipse: What are the tg questionnaires? I'm not familiar, anyone have a link? Mar 17, 2019 16:57:42 GMT -6
kappa: Here's a visual www.deviantart.com/log111111/art/TG-questionaire-pg-1-731690189 Mar 17, 2019 17:51:35 GMT -6
kappa: Here's just a written www.thechangingmirror.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=5327&p=16842&hilit=Tg+questionnaire#p16842 Mar 17, 2019 17:52:36 GMT -6
chronoeclipse: Yeah let's definitely make up some AP questionnaires and then have actual young women fill them out - then write stories about their answers! Mar 17, 2019 18:04:58 GMT -6
MeanMark: Not sure of the logistics of it, of what exactly would be needed for the story to be crafted, but my wife may be open to answering some questions lol Mar 18, 2019 9:30:09 GMT -6
kappa: You just need a template of questions. Let's say it's the Granny Questionnaire. The first question could be "If you were a grandma, how old would you be?" or "What age would you be when you're a grandma?". Something like that. Mar 18, 2019 10:11:50 GMT -6
kappa: Other questions can focus on personality, physical traits, cliches like "do you like bingo?" Or "are you a naughty grandma?" stuff like that. And it doesn't have to be grandma, mind you. The cat lady questionnaire, the milf, the old Librarian, lunch lady Mar 18, 2019 10:13:47 GMT -6
kappa: It's gotta lotta range. Mar 18, 2019 10:14:02 GMT -6
MeanMark: Not a bad idea! Mar 18, 2019 13:48:50 GMT -6
kappa: Anyone wanna see Cinderella fat and old? www.deviantart.com/saturnxart/art/COMM-Princess-Tremaine-and-her-Elderly-Maid-789950585 Mar 18, 2019 13:57:50 GMT -6
kappa: Other random idea. AP Flash Fiction Event. Could appeal to some people who don't feel like writing a big story. Example, for like a max of 25 words each entry is a response to a quick flash of a story. Mar 19, 2019 13:19:55 GMT -6
chronoeclipse: I think that's a great idea. It'd be interesting to see a poll of how many people would participate if we held one. Like maybe an APril Fools Day event? Mar 19, 2019 16:23:55 GMT -6
kappa: It'd be better than the usual April Fools' Day events... I Say that loving when Netflix does that 🤣 Mar 19, 2019 16:39:46 GMT -6 *
kappa: Just binged Derry Girls on Netflix (it was only six episodes, can I really call it a binge? 🤔) and I simply adored the casting! Ya know how sometimes the families look unbelievably unrelated? Well, the Mom and Main Character were totally believable! Mar 20, 2019 21:32:57 GMT -6
kappa: I couldn't stop picturing the Main Character looking like her mom in twenty years. Btw, the show is set in Derry, Northern Ireland back in the 90's. Pretty entertaining premise. Would love to see a future episode! 😄 Mar 20, 2019 21:36:17 GMT -6
chronoeclipse: I haven't watched it yet but i've heard good things. It's essentially the female version of the Inbetweeners - which if you haven't seen, you should 100% watch next. Mar 21, 2019 17:10:34 GMT -6
kappa: It's funny, the last British comedy I really got into was Pramface. It's no IT Crowd, mind you, but a college student getting pregnant by a high schooler? I was sold! 🤣 Mar 21, 2019 17:18:55 GMT -6
kappa: Oh, and After Life... if you can call it a comedy. 😅 Mar 21, 2019 17:24:09 GMT -6 *
kappa: Fun quote. "I don't wanna sound agist, but are those your original teeth?!" Mar 21, 2019 17:25:23 GMT -6 *