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No New Posts This or That?

16 1,153 This or That: Hell TV
by kappa
Apr 29, 2020 13:33:52 GMT -6
No New Posts The AP caption game!

Each week a new image will be displayed. Everyone then will be able to post an AP caption for that photo. Then a poll will be made with all the caption entries and everyone can vote for their favorite. Winner of the poll gets to choose the next image!

3 10 Weekly cAPtion Contest - 2/08/19
by chronoeclipse
Feb 8, 2019 14:25:05 GMT -6
No New Posts Let's Age Series 1

4 17 Let's Age Poll 3
by JackpotMans
Mar 26, 2018 17:52:07 GMT -6
No New Posts First to 20 AP Game

Game run by rayc5678. Vote for a character and potentially write up an AP description! (Note: You must be a member in order to participate)


  • Each person votes for one character per post (each person can -vote after 2 hours of their last post, though no double posting (posting and voting within the 2 hours).

  • Once a character gets 20 votes, they will be placed on the rank list (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc).

  • The person who does the 20th vote for a character gets to write their own AP description for that character.

  • Each round lasts until there are 4-5 characters with 20 votes each.

  • The person who gets the 20th vote for the 4th or 5th place character can make a new list of characters.

  • Only characters that haven't been AP in their respective universes can be used for this game.

  • Lists must be new from the last two lists (ex. If Jean Grey was in the list, she can't be used for the next 2 rounds).

  • Lists must have between 10 and 15 characters.

  • Characters from winning (ranking) lists can't be used for at least 8 rounds (subject to change).

Moderator: rayc5678

7 497 First To 20 AP Game
by keith943
Apr 18, 2020 9:24:59 GMT -6
No New Posts AP/AR Game

5 343 Guess Who the Granny Is
by rayc5678
Aug 8, 2020 16:18:00 GMT -6
No New Posts Story Contests

2 11 Fall 2017 AR/AP Game
by timewarpee
Oct 19, 2017 16:27:49 GMT -6


kappa: Not an expert, but, I think you just insert it on one of the square below the attachmentS Jun 13, 2020 16:01:03 GMT -6
kappa: the group of boxes, the fourth one Jun 13, 2020 16:01:34 GMT -6
kappa: the black one Jun 13, 2020 16:01:38 GMT -6
kappa: that looks like a movie cut board thing Jun 13, 2020 16:01:54 GMT -6
amoscrow: AH I figured it out, Imma post it in the Created wing of the blog Jun 13, 2020 16:02:57 GMT -6
amoscrow: pooosted Jun 13, 2020 16:13:19 GMT -6
tgf: Hello everyone :) Jun 29, 2020 10:00:21 GMT -6
rayc5678: For those of you that care, today is my real life birthday. I'll be somewhat active on here. Feel free to send birthday wishes if you want. Jun 30, 2020 18:32:56 GMT -6
rayc5678: Thanks Kappa. Jun 30, 2020 23:36:22 GMT -6
Hideyoshi lacan: Happy birthday ray , it is also Canada’s birthday today as well πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Jul 1, 2020 11:39:22 GMT -6
kappa: Let's all eat poutine, Tim Hortons, Kraft Dinner, and ketchup flavored potato chips! 🀣 Jul 1, 2020 14:32:48 GMT -6
kappa: Oh, and listen to Barenaked Ladies, Rush, Neil Young, or Justin Bieber πŸ˜‚ Jul 1, 2020 15:10:59 GMT -6
The Doc: Happy Birthday. Jul 2, 2020 0:12:07 GMT -6
kappa: Minor AP Scene on the newest episode of Cake 😘 Jul 16, 2020 20:22:32 GMT -6
unknown: Hi! On discord there is a server that is partly devoted to ap! Jul 18, 2020 13:14:38 GMT -6
unknown: Jul 18, 2020 16:40:35 GMT -6
animeagony: Dark mode when? Jul 20, 2020 10:55:57 GMT -6
rayc5678: Decided to bring back, Guess Who the Granny Is, alternatively known as, Guess that Granny. Check it out and participate if you're interested. Jul 20, 2020 13:54:18 GMT -6
JackpotMans: Inpsector97 has commissions open, he draws elderly characters (though there aren't many examples) Aug 5, 2020 20:01:16 GMT -6